Meet and Greet WWII Navajo Code Talker, Samuel Holiday

Please join us for a special Meet and Greet, Friday March 17th, 2017 from 3pm to 7pm courtesy of Jerry Elm, General Manager of the Dallas Carrollton Courtyard and Conference Center Hotel  in Carrollton Texas.  DallasC arrollton Courtyard and Conference Center HotelMr. Holiday is traveling with his entire family to the great city of Carrollton in order to help bring awareness of Native Veterans in our community.  

Samuel Holiday, age 92 is a Navajo Code Talker, WWII and author of  Under the Eagle , the story of his life growing up on the Navajo Reservation and then serving in the military.

From 1943-1945 Holiday served in combat with the Fourth Marine Division during World War II. Throughout this time he served duties on the island of Roi Namur, Kwajalien, Tinian, Saipan and Iwo Jima. Military historians note that during the first

48 hours of the invasions at Iwo Jima more than 800 coded messages were sent and received by Navajo radio units with 100 percent accuracy. The Navajo language was not recorded and almost impossible to learn. It served as a code the Japanese failed to crack; a language that Holiday was told as a child not to speak because Navajo had nothing to offer.  He grew up near Monument Valley by a mountain known as Eagle Rock. His family,  members of the Todich’inii or the Bitter Water Clan, herded sheep and lived according to Navajo traditions. When Holiday was 4 years old he remembers being told about his great-grandmother being taken as a prisoner during the “long walk.” St. George News

Mr. Holiday  is a very active and healthy man who loves to speak about his experiences in the military.  He wants to preserve that history so that the next generation of children know the contributions Native American Indians made to keep this country safe.


Mr. Holiday meeting with other Native Veterans from the Dallas Ft. Worth area. (2105)


Santa Fe Days dancers volunteered their time to dance in honor of Mr. Holiday at the Sons of the Flag tribute 2015.