2018 Community Partner/Sponsorship



2018 Community Partnership Application forms

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Host Hotel and Community Partner with the Cultural Path, Dallas Carrollton Courtyard and Conference Center, only minutes from Santa Fe Days.

 Your support of our event, Santa Fe Days in the Park,  is more far reaching than other festivals and events your company may support.
Our Native American Indian event is known as the only North Texas event with true Native American artists bringing authentic handmade items.  The techniques used to make traditional art pieces have been  passed down through many generations.  One artist, for example, represents eight generations of family potters!  Many of our artists have been selected for the prestigious Southwest Art Market, Smithsonian and Heard Museum. Carl’ton, TX which is how many Native people refer to Carrollton, TX, is known for its welcoming community. Our event brings revenue and talent from Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas and Texas.
Our event exhibitions are  authentic to the tribal people who perform them. Authenticity is critical to our programs and demonstrations.  Our educational  Courtyard Cultural Path brings families  face to face with the opportunity to learn from Native people across the United States.
As an event partner you will remain our partner throughout the year.  Santa Fe Days in the Park , March 17 & 18, 2018  is attended by 8,500 people from all walks of life in the community. We are not just a Native cultural event,  we are a community outreach event.  We are loyal to our partners and will be promoting your company at more than 40 community festivals and Native American education events throughout the year.  These events reach more than 50,000 attendees where your logo and  donated products will be used  in our cultural education outreach.
Another benefit, at your request, we provide free  consultation and booth educational materials which are adapted to the needs of our  partner companies for Native American Heritage Day in Texas, Native American History month, Earth Day, etc.  We want your employees to know your efforts to support community diversity events.  Our seed ambassador program, turtle island exhibit and Native education materials have been exhibited at International festivals, Earth day events, school/nonprofit events and corporate Native American history month events and more. Our all volunteer organization helps to make your corporate dollars stretch much further.